Greetings to my fellow countrymen and our visitors from abroad! I am the host of the Assembled Vehicle Pavilion, Little A. I would like to welcome you all to the 2013 Agri-Expo Yunlin and lead you into the world of assembled vehicles.
To begin with, have you heard of assembled vehicles before? Even if you haven’t, you probably know the term “iron cowboy”! During the early stage of Taiwan’s economic take-off, the nation’s farmers could not afford expensive imported agricultural machinery, so master mechanics met their needs by utilizing the technology on hand. Refabricating old machine components that the U.S. and Japan had left behind, these mechanics assembled a diverse array of vehicles to suit all types of industries and all kinds of rough terrain. These assembled vehicles and more are displayed here.


一位拼裝車達人前輩說“拼裝車的命屬於道路和田,不屬於冷氣房”。在他的啓發下,我們將室內展場與戶外地景交融,展場室內外地形連貫起伏,成為如山如田的地景,不僅令人驚豔,更藉此呈現拼裝車技術的多元技能與屬性脈絡。 Natural landscapes recreated indoors
“The life of an assembled vehicle belongs to the road and the soil, not an air-conditioned room,” a wise man in the industry once told us. Inspired by these words, we have brought outdoor landscapes themselves inside the exhibition hall. The terrain here rises and falls continuously, as it does on mountains and fields. This is not just to amaze visitors; it is to provide context and thus better illustrate the diverse technological capabilities and attributes of assembled vehicles.


To succeed, you must be driven
The master mechanics bringing these vehicles into existence have been vital to Taiwan’s development. They are also the most down-to-earth of all the activists fighting for farmers and the nation itself. Throughout the current decline of Taiwan’s agriculture, they have held fast to their posts and attempted to provide the industry with new lifelines and outlets.
Hence, the theme of our pavilion is “to succeed, you must be driven.” The four exhibition areas—Rural Scientists, Assembled Vehicles Deconstructed, Green Vehicle R&D Lab, and Get to Know Assembled Vehicles—are not only meant to show how robust Taiwan’s assembled vehicle technology is. They are also intended to inspire recognition of and praise for these machines and their creators and express gratitude for everything they have done for this country.

首先,一定要提到的是我們最棒的人類朋友─拼裝車黑手,看我們這麼萬能與強壯,其實都是靠這些朋友我們才能有今天的成就。大家知道嗎?要從無到有做出一台拼裝車,必須要有多方面的知識。從汽車硬體結構的構成、引擎、車體電路,必須樣樣都精通,甚至是要因應不同使用者的需求,活用機械技術原理,替使用者解決工作環境上所各種面臨的難題。 在這樣高度靈活的架構下,創意得以無限延伸,不僅創造出每台車的獨特性,更呈現出每位拼裝車師傅不同的個性。因此,在我們的眼中,拼裝車黑手師傅們其實是一群生活在鄉間的發明家與科學家。所以希望透過本展,呈現拼裝車師傅的創造力與特色,讓社會看到他們不凡的一面。
Rural Scientists
Tribute to Rural Mechanics 向農村黑手致敬 First of all, we absolutely have to talk about our best human friends: our mechanics. We owe our impressive strength, capabilities and success to them.
Do you know that creating an assembled vehicle from scratch requires knowledge of several different fields of expertise? The mechanic must master the makeup of the automotive hardware, the engine, and the electrical circuits, among other things, while adapting each vehicle to meet the specific needs of its user. Mechanical engineering principles are put into action to resolve the varied challenges presented by customers’ working environments.
Under the highly flexible architecture of a pursuit such as this, there is no limit to creativity. Each vehicle is not only unique but also reflects the distinctive personality of the mechanic who brought it to life. Hence, in our eyes, these individuals are inventors and scientists of the countryside. We hope this exhibition will display mechanics’ creativity and special characteristics so everyone will see what is so extraordinary about them.


Assembled Vehicles Deconstructed
Environmental benefits of reassembling and reusing old and new components
Do you know how awesome I am? In “Assembled Vehicles Deconstructed”, I’ll tell you. For one, I, Little A, am the ideal model of recycling! Thanks to the skills of the mechanic who reassembled old and new components to make me, I simply became a high-carrying capacity, high-horsepower beast several times more ferocious than a manufactured sedan!
A mechanic’s garage is equal to three world-class laboratories

A U.S. automaker once came here to visit. When he saw a group of assembled vehicles with dumping apparatuses, he was astonished. Then he saw how low their price was—and was left breathless. “If these vehicles were in America, they’d be award-winners,” he stated. This goes to show that Taiwan’s little garages don’t need the abundant resources of foreign, world-class auto manufacturing laboratories to produce vehicles that match any on the planet!


Green Vehicle R&D Lab
The world’s first multi-purpose green energy-powered assembled vehicle
Don’t get the mistaken impression that we assembled vehicles are all old geezers. We are the dark horse of the new generation of green automobiles, as well.
We believe that each assembled vehicle mechanic is aspiring to achieve wild dreams, and we think that in these times of global climate instability and extreme weather, the future of the industry is in disaster relief and rescue. Thus, in tandem with these masters, we have combined the exceptional capabilities to adapt vehicles both to new workplaces and to any terrain (from the mountains to the sea) through the restructuring of their components in order to build the first multi-purpose green assembled vehicle.
This automobile has two distinct advantages for achieving its objectives. Firstly, because its body is small, it can arrive at a disaster site at the earliest possible moment and easily shuttle people and items within urban areas. Secondly, its simple body structure permits its pickup box and other parts to be easily and immediately replaced depending on which capabilities are needed to respond to the particular emergency at hand. This vehicle can just as easily be adapted to various agricultural and recreational purposes. It is a fantastical concept car of the future.


Get to Know Assembled Vehicles
Assembled vehicles are adapted to all terrains and businesses
Finally, in “Get to Know Assembled Vehicles,” I’ll introduce you to my family members and tell you stories about our earnest and hardworking lifestyle.
Do you know how assembled vehicles were born? In the early days, farmers couldn’t afford load-carrying vehicles, so they asked blacksmiths to affix plows to the front of their carts and mount iron containers on the back. This new tiller, the first assembled vehicle, was born of their ingenuity.
Henceforth, blacksmiths continued to apply mechanical principles and technologies to design new vehicles that resolved farmers’ difficulties and lightened their workloads. Techniques evolved from generation to generation, and different kinds of carts and cars were eventually assembled not only for farming but also for forestry, fishing and ranching as well as unrelated industries like architecture and even religion.
In addition to displaying the many members of the assembled vehicle family, this exhibit explains how they have been employed in different industries as well as the cultural connotations of their usage and capabilities.

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